Luxury is about to be redefined as a most ambitious project now plans to build out a “sky pool” that will be made entirely of glass and will sit in the sky hanging at 10 stories above ground. This 25x5x3 meter deep pool will carefully consist of 20 cm glass, and will also act as a type of bridge between 2 apartment buildings. On-site construction will begin this year, and by 2018 the homeowners will be able to move in and a Birmingham, Alabama Allstate agent will finish writing the home insurance policy to accommodate this major home improvement.

Our real vision of this Pool in the sky actually stemmed from a dream to really push the boundaries in the capability of construction. We just wanted to do something really extra cool that had never been done before now. The pool’s very transparent structure is now the result of highly significant advancements in technologies that have come into play over the last decade.